Thursday, January 20, 2011

One Stop Fashions Gives Back

One Stop Fashions has put together a "One Stop Fashion's Gives Back Program". The owner Melissa Sherman wanted to be more involved in the world around her and help and be apart of others lives, so she decided to create monthly giveaways as a way to show customers and the public her appreciation towards them. So they know how much they mean to the One Stop Fashion's team. Melissa quoted " It's so sad that so many are going without the things they need in life like clothing and food being that I'm a retail owner I can now give back and feel good while doing it" One Stop Fashion's has also partnered with "Dignity U Wear" they are a non profitable charity that take in brand new clothing from retailers nationwide and they disperse it to families in need all over the United States. When Melissa came across their website she was so happy to see others out there really do care. And One Stop Fashion's can now be a part of something amazing.

We will announce and have a entry for each giveaway on our blog-spot. So check back for more details. You can also follow One Stop Fashions on Face-book or twitter for the latest details on our giveaways. Again thank everyone for making One Stop Fashions possible!